Flyers & Bookmarks

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Print and Distribute SUS Bookmarks at Home

This is a page (two sided) of bookmarks you can print and cut up. If you really want to go “first class” you can print them on heavy stock. (Just click on the image below to download and/or print a PDF file with both sides of the bookmark.) Our recommendation is that you print page one of the PDF first and then load the pages back into the printer, probably face up, and print page two. Each printer is a bit different, so try one out “just in case”.

Print, Distribute and Post SUS Flyers at Home

If a page of bookmarks is a bit daunting, how about this simple flyer? It has tear-off tabs (if you cut along the lines) so people can remember our address on the web as well as an image they can scan on their smart phone that will take right to our website! Just click on the image below to download and/or print the flyer. It will print fine on a non-color printer as well.

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